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Nano Mist Sprayer

249.00 179.00

Product Specifications:

  • General
  • Material ABS
  • Sales Package: 1 pc  Nano Mist Sprayer, 1 USB Cable.

Product Details

  • Attachments Included 1 USB Charger
  • Night Light: Yes
  • Weighs 51 g
  • Model: W-718B
  • Spray amount of 1.25-1.4/minutes

It makes your skin full of elasticity and moisture with ultra-high-speed vibration technology named “Super Long Wave” providing your skin best moisturizers and allows the skin to be easily absorbed to receive several nutritions from mineral water.


The most stylish slider Mist sprayer with a Supercluster size that is 10 times smaller than ordinary spray.


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